Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Unit is a unit within the Support Services Bureau. It consists of members of both the Patrol and Detective Divisions. There are currently three Patrolmen designated as Traffic Safety Officers in addition to a Detective who assists with all serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes. Two of the unit members and the supervisor are trained crash re-constructionists. The Traffic Safety Unit is supervised by a Sergeant who reports to the Support Services Commander regarding all traffic safety related issues.
The Unit is responsible for the following functions within the department:

1. Motor Vehicle Crash investigation and review of reports
2. Traffic enforcement assignments
3. Maintenance of traffic safety equipment
4. Radar and Alcotest maintenance / certifications
5. Engineering surveys
6. Other traffic-related matters as assigned

Unit Supervisor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Traffic Safety Officers:   Ptl. Jennifer Paglia   Ptl. Eric Budelmann   Ptl. Brian Murphy
    Det. Joseph Lovallo