Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Unit is a unit within the Support Services Bureau.  There are currently three Patrol Officers designated as Traffic Safety Officers in addition to a Patrol Sergeant who assists with all serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes.  Two of the unit members and the supervisor are trained crash re-constructionists.  The Traffic Safety Unit is supervised by the Support Services Bureau Sergeant who reports to the Commander of Police Operations regarding all traffic safety related issues. Members of this unit work closely with the Monmouth County Serious Collision Analysis Response Team (SCART) during the investigation of a serious motor vehicle crash, particularly one involving serious bodily injury, criminal charges or a fatality.

The Unit is responsible for the following functions within the department:

1. Motor Vehicle Crash investigation and review of reports
2. Traffic enforcement assignments 
3. Maintenance of traffic safety equipment 
4. Radar and Alcotest maintenance / certifications
5. Engineering surveys
7. Other traffic-related matters as assigned

Unit Supervisor: Sergeant Sean McCabe


Traffic Safety Officers:   Ptl. Jennifer Paglia   Ptl. Eric Budelmann   Ptl. Christine Heppel
    Sgt. Joseph Lovallo